We are a not-for-profit charitable company based in the Upper Dales of North Yorkshire with the aim of providing affordable housing for local families that are currently priced out of the market. 

We were established in 2017 and over recent months we have been focused on trying to secure homes in Arkengarthdale where there is unprecedented demand for housing – much of which is purchased as either holiday lets or second homes.    In the past two years there have been eight house sales in the dale at an average £363,200 – a price that is not affordable for most locals and particularly young families. 

The heart of our community is slowly being eroded with the loss of affordable housing, a chapel and community facilities and, more recently, the closure of Arkengarthdale School, bringing to an end 360 years of education in our dale.  In response, as a community we have actively sought a solution to affordable housing for over twenty years particularly as more young people are forced to leave the dale to find suitable, affordable accommodation.   We remain hopeful, and steadfastly determined, to find a solution.

We know Arkengarthdale is not unique and it is our hope that we can develop an affordable housing scheme which will not only help our local families but will also provide a blueprint for other similar communities

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Stephen Stubbs
William Fawcett

John Watkins

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